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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long Walks, Long Thoughts.

One beautiful thing about spending hours on the trail every day is that I spend hours thinking, pondering, wondering, wishing, praying, and smiling.  What a beautiful time it has become.  I do listen to music every once in a while, but I find myself more and more just taking out my earbuds and thinking.  It's so good to just be away from the house and outside.  The weather has been beautiful, and the fall air feels so good.   
One problem with walking/running long distances is that if I don't go 6, 8, or 10 miles I feel like a slacker.  Today was an off day since I went 10 miles yesterday.  My one day of recovery.  I thought about going for a short walk, but instead I did chores and eventually wandered over to starbucks to write this blog.  I think it's probably better for my body anyway if I give it a day off.  Especially after yesterday.  I still struggle with feeling like I'm slacking just because I took a day off.  I had to readjust my attitude, and now I'm feeling much better about not going my usual 6 miles. 
The Holidays are approaching along with colder weather.  I'm getting nervous about what I'm going to do when it gets bitter cold out.  I haven't decided yet, but I know that I'll figure it out as the time approaches.  I never used to understand where people found the determination to workout every day, but now I do.  Days when I don't work out, I feel tired, sluggish, and sleepy.  Even now I feel like taking a nap.  Instead I'm drinking water, and I did chores all morning.  Anything to keep moving.  :)  I hate the idea of joining a gym, but I might have to.
So, I'm still kicking, and I'm really enjoying my new routine. 

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